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Carnforth Town Council is committed to being open in its work for the town. Please use the buttons on this page to access and download documents related to the governance and operation of the Council.

Form used to apply to Carnforth Town Council for a grant for a local project.

Standing Orders are the rules created by the Council to govern its operation.

The Code of Conduct must be followed by all Councillors during their term of office.

The procedure to be followed should there be a complaint against a Councillor.

Carnforth Town Council's policy aimed at ensuring all people are treated equally and fairly.

The health and safety followed by Carnforth Town Council for the benefit of staff and residents

The precept is the charge paid by rate payers in Carnforth to fund the work of the Town Council

The asset register is a list of everything owned by the Town Council. Valuations are made to local government rules.

The Notice of Conclusion of Audit is the document issued by the external auditors to show they are satisfied by the way Carnforth Town Council conducts its business.

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