Carnforth Town Council

Remembrance Day Message from our twin town of Sailly sur la Lys in France

Message from our twin town of Sailly sur la Lys in France on the centenary of the signature of the armistice that ended the First World War.
Dear friends in Carnforth, today, France is commemorating the 100th anniversary of the armistice of 11 November 1918.
There isn’t a town, there isn’t a village in France which doesn’t keep engraved in the stone of a monument, or in the minds of its people, the memory of the heroism of a young generation, blighted and decimated by 52 months of murderous fighting.
Today, in front of our memorials, in Sailly as in Carnforth, we share the memory of the victims of this terrible war.
We stand together with our friends in Carnforth, as with many other nations who are involved in this commemoration to honour our fighting men from Sailly and from Carnforth
WE cannot forget the courage and the sacrifice of our brave sons who fell on the field of battle, as well as the British soldiers, especially those from Carnforth who came to fight, and died on our soil.
All the young men and women who came from all over the world, whether they were European, African, American, from Asia or from Australasia, fought for an ideal of peace of liberty and fraternity.
On this day of commemoration, we appeal to everyone, to remember the supreme sacrifice and the hope that lived in the hearts of the fallen, to inspire our future actions, in favour of that peace, that liberty and that fraternity

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