Carnforth Town Council

Agenda and Minutes 2020-21

Please note the Town Council meeting scheduled for April 15th has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The next scheduled meeting of the Town Council is September 16th 2020 which will be held remotely using Zoom video conferencing. Members of the public should email prior to the meeting should they wish to be present.

Town Council meetings: No meeting in April; 20/05/2020; 22/06/2020; 15/07/2020; No meeting in August; 16/09/2020 Payments; 21/10/2020 Payments List

Town Development & Planning Committee: April 2020 – no meeting; May 2020 – no meeting; June 2020 – no meeting; July 2020 – no meeting; August 2020 – no meeting; September 2020; October 2020 Minutes

Asset Management Committee: September 2020 Minutes; October 2020

Finance & Governance Committee: October 2020 Minutes