Carnforth Town Council

Council Agenda’s & Minutes 2022/23

Meetings are open to the public and if any residents have any special requirements please contact the council prior to the meeting.

Meetings dates for all Council and Committee meetings can be found here

Please note that any electors wishing to address the council during a meeting regarding items on the agenda must submit representations to the Council by 10am on the day of the meeting. Permission to speak at the meeting is at the discretion of the Chairman. 

Please note that the council may not be able to answer questions at a meeting if the matter relates to a topic that the council has not considered or resolved. If the matter is considered outside the remit of Carnforth Town Council, residents will be referred to Lancaster City Council or the appropriate body.

The roles and responsibilities of the Clerk & Proper Office, the Council and Councillors are summaried here

Carnforth Town Council Agenda Pack: April 2022 Agenda Pack & Minutes; May 2022 Agenda Pack & Minutes; June 2022 Agenda Pack & Minutes – Meeting not quorate; July 2022 Agenda Pack & Minutes; August – No meeting; September 2022 – No meeting; October 2022 Agenda pack & Minutes; November 2022 Agenda Pack & Minutes; December 2022 Agenda Pack & Minutes; January 2023 Agenda Pack & Minutes; February 2023 Agenda Pack & Minutes; March 2023 Agenda Pack & Minutes