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Carnforth celebrates a successful year despite unprecedented challenges

Carnforth Town Council has a statutory duty to organise and chair the Annual Town Assembly which is an opportunity for the people of the town to come together to celebrate everything that is good about Carnforth and to discuss matters affecting the town, whether that be within the jurisdiction of the Town Council, Lancaster City Council or Lancashire County Council.

Presenting the Town Council’s Annual Report for the year ended 31st March 2023, the current and past Town Mayors, Councillors Grisenthwaite and Smith highlighted the Town Council’s many successes, notably the successful adoption of the Carnforth Neighbourhood Plan, the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations and improved engagement with young people.

Looking forward, the Town Council aims to build on its strengths and its highly successful colloboration and partnership with both Lancaster City Council and Lancashire County Council. The Town Council will seize the opportunities that the Eden Project, Morecambe offers to Carnforth’s business and workforce development as well as tourism and infrastructure improvements and will step up its engagement with the local community.

Attendees enjoyed presentations from the Leader of Lancashire County Council, Councillor Phillippa Williamson; Deputy Leader and Chief Executive of Lancaster City Council, Councillor Caroline Jackson and Mark Davies who outlined the key services that their Council’s deliver and how they will tackle the many challenges that face us all. The key message was that all three tiers of local government have an essential role to play in delivering better services; caring for the vulnerable; protecting the environment and our heritage and supporting economic growth. Achievments clearly demonstarte that ‘We are all better working together’.

Planning Officer, Fiona Clarke gave an informative presentation on the neighbourhood planning process and, specifically, the key elements of the recently adopted Carnforth Neighbourhood Plan and its legal status for all future planning applications, sitting alongside the Lancaster District Local Plan. The point was made that following wide consultation, the Carnforth Neighbourhood Plan is a blueprint of the objectives and aspirations of our town for years to come.

It was then the turn of our wonderful community groups to tell us about their activities and achievements over the last year and how young and old can benefit from what they can offer. Presentations were given by 2246 Squadron; 1st Carnforth Scouts; Carnforth Rotary; Twinning Association; Chamber of Trade and Community Choir and the Salvation Army.

A very informative and interesting evening that demonstrated that ours is a vibrant town with lots of hardworking people with ambitious ideas and a community that is united in caring for its residents, supporting local businesses, protecting our environment and developing our town for the future.

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