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Carnforth Neighbourhood Plan

GOOD NEWS! We are delighted to announce that the Carnforth Neighbourhood Plan Working Group (CNPWG) has been awarded technical support as part of the developing Neighbourhood Plan.

This much sought after and hard to come by support will be used to undertake a Housing Needs Assessment (HNA) that will provide vital evidence to help to understand the expected demand for housing in the designated area (see map). The work will include generating policy options for housing, calculating a suitable housing needs figure and the type and sizes of new dwellings, together with the need for affordable housing and addressing any specialist requirements such as older residents and newly formed households.

This is a really big deal and the Town Council congratulates the CNPWG on its successful application. The results will be an essential element of the draft Carnforth Neighbourhood Plan which will set out the future development of the town for many years to come as well as form part of the Lancaster District Local Plan. The local community will consulted on the various drafts of the Neighbourhood Plan in the coming months and will be the subject of a Referendum early next year.

Carnforth Neighbourhood Plan Designated area

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