Carnforth Town Council

I’m a Councillor, Get me out of here!

Great night with 1st Carnforth Scouts who took on the tricky task of deciding on the annual budget for 2022/23. The first item of the night was to elect the new Town Mayor! There were 5 nominations and each were given an opportunity to say why they wanted to be the Mayor. After a close vote Jake Lawton was duly elected and immediately took control of the Chair’s Gavel..and the meeting!

The group then split into three teams and were soon fully engaged in debate about what was essential, desirable or just not needed for our town and its residents. They also considered where savings and efficiencies could be made and income generated – democracy at its finest!

There was a bit of a risk at one point that the Town Clerk might lose his job, but I am glad to say that soon passed! There was much discussion on just how much positive influence they, as elected Councillors, could have on shaping our local community. They became so engaged in their deliberations that they worked through their break – just grabbing a biscuit and a drink before getting back to it!

After about 45 minutes of intense debate Town Mayor Jake called for order and each group were given the opportunity to feedback on their decisions and to explain how they had managed to balance the budget – they even set out their plans for what they would do in the next few years! They all recognised how difficult it can be to deliver services within a limited budget but all of them fully justified their decisions even when challenged by the residents (being ‘former’ Councillors in attendance)! In the remaining 15 minutes all the Scouts were given an opportunity to have their say on what they would like to see improved or developed in their town. They provided some fantastic ideas for the Town Council to consider.

Every one of the Scouts was a shining example of our local youth and how invested they are in what happens in their community – if they are the Councillors of the future it looks very bright indeed! Carnforth Town Council is delighted to have planned and hosted this event and to have given the Scouts an opportunity to achieve an element of their Chief Scout Gold Award and to see democracy in action. Thank you to them and their Scout Leaders for sharing this with us and for engaging so wholeheartedly!

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