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Mobile Phone Mast outage

In order to support the local community, Carnforth Town Council has been in touch with the O2 service provider and has been given the following information:

Carnforth mobile phone users are serviced by three main phone masts, one on North Road Carnforth, one in Bolton-le-Sands and one in Over Kellet. The first of these is currently out of order.All ‘contract’ users should be able to access a signal from the other two masts, although higher ‘traffic’ will result in a slower service. Pay-as-you-go customers will have NO signal as they are routed exclusively via the Carnforth mast.

This situation is likely to continue with a further update available on Sunday 18th December.

Carnforth Town Council has triggered its Emergency Plan in response to this situation and will post routine updates via social media AND on community notice boards.

If you are aware of anyone who needs help please pass on this information.

In the event that you have neither mobile signal nor internet for email and you need Town Council help, please contact the Town Mayor on a landline number 01524-736421

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One thought on “Mobile Phone Mast outage

  1. david beatty

    hi since the coverage signal for carnforth mast was down over a week ago and even though my signal is good, i am having to make a call two or three times to contact any one, i can hear them, but they cant hear me. it has been like this since the canforth mast repairs ended. rather annoying. any news on that situation would be good.david beatty

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