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Carnforth Neighbourhood Plan – Regulation 14 Consultation

With your support the Carnforth Neighbourhood Plan Working Group has prepared a draft Neighbourhood Plan.  This is an exciting opportunity for the local community to influence future development and make Carnforth an even better place to live, work and visit.

We are now inviting residents, local businesses, community groups and statutory consultees to provide feedback on the draft plan. Please complete the online questionnaire here or scan our QR code below:

Alternatively, download the Regulation 14 feedback form here to complete and return by email to: or by post to:

Carnforth Neighbourhood Plan, C/o Council Offices 46 – 48 Market Street, Carnforth LA5 9LB

This is the first document of its kind to have been prepared for Carnforth and will present policies that will be used to inform and determine planning applications. It is important to note that the Neighbourhood Plan is not the same as the Lancaster Local Plan. That presents the strategic policy direction and outlines how much new development will come forward in Carnforth over the next fifteen years. The Neighbourhood Plan expands upon this and provides the opportunity to present more locally specific policies and proposals that will help shape future change.

This includes policies around the design of any new development in Carnforth, such that it reflects the best qualities of the area.

The Neighbourhood Plan also looks at wider matters of importance to the community, including conservation and enhancement of open spaces and the naturual environment, historic buildings and features, making it easier for people tp get around, protecting and supporting important local services.

Having worked on the Neighbourhood Plan over the last three years we are now asking for your views on the Plan and policies within it. Consultation on the Neighbourhood Plan is open for a period of six weeks.

THE VISION FOR CARNFORTH: Our vision for Carnforth is that it becomes the vibrant and successful core of the area, where issues of poor air quality and traffic noise have been tackled.

Over the plan period, Carnforth will maintain sustainable patterns of development through conserving and enhancing the qualities of the built, natural and historic environment, by promoting development which reflects its distinct character areas, and encouraging well connected green infrastructure networks. New development will be well connected into the existing urban fabric

Cohesive, sustainable transport links will have helped to reduce air pollution in the area supporting active and healthy communities Together with improvements to pedestrian and cycling links in the area, many more residents, visitors and people working in Carnforth will benefit from an efficient alternative to car-based travel, and will work to transition to a net-zero carbon transport network, with any vehicle in the central area being of an ultra-low emission character.

New growth will meet local needs and will allow Carnforth to become more self-sufficient; with increased support of local tourism, enterprise and community lead events.    Because of its heritage and development the town will become an even more attractive destination for visitors including those visiting because of the town’s transport links to the Eden of the North.

POLICIES IN THE PLAN: The Neighbourhood Plan includes policies that seek to:

  • Conserve and enhance the natural and historic environment, designating important local buildings that warrant continued protection and give Carnforth its unique character.
  • Influence the delivery of high quality design in new development that reflects the key characteristics and qualities that define Carnforth. These are presented by way of a series of design guides and codes that applicants should respond to.
  • Support the leisure and tourism sectors, strengthening the town as a place to visit.
  • Support uses that complement and sustain the attractiveness of the town centre, but which seek to minimise the impact of traffic on the retail environment, making this a more attractive place for people to spend time in.
  • Support applications for a diversified employment offer, encouraging smaller start-up businesses and flexible working spaces.
  • Deliver new walking and cycling routes that are safe and attractive for all to use, as well as promoting the delivery of infrastructure to support electric vehicles.
  • Promote delivery of a mix of housing types and sizes, including affordable homes and opportunities for down-sizing, including that which meets the needs of an ageing population, as well as opportunities for self and custom build homes.
  • Promote high standards of energy efficiency in the development of new homes.
  • Designate green space in Carnforth that will benefit from long term protection from development.
  • Reduce the impact and glare of light pollution

Thank you for reading this summary of the draft Neighbourhood Plan.  

Please do let us know what you think about the Plan by completing the questionnaire.

We will review all feedback and prepare a revised Plan for submission to Lancaster City Council later this year. This will be subject to independent examination and, eventually, a referendum. If you vote in favour of the Neighbourhood Plan at the referendum it will then be used to guide, shape and determine planning applications and investment opportunities in Carnforth.

The aim is to put in place policies such that future growth in the area is done in the right way, bringing benefits to the locality and effecting positive change for current and future generations.

Having a Plan in place will also allow us to identify key infrastructure improvements we’d like to see delivered in Carnforth, either through new development or in partnership with funding organisations, such as infrastructure providers.     The Plan identifies a need for improvements to the quality of public space, safer walking and cycling routes for example. These will be kept under review.

The Town Council’s application for a Carnforth Designation Area was approved by the City Council on 25th April 2018.

View the formal Designation Notice

View the Map of the Designation Area

The Town Council established a Neighbourhood Plan Working Group (NPWG) to to lead on this important initiative. Planning consultants Troy Hayes Design Ltd were appointed to assist the NPWG with the process.

Below is the draft Carnforth Neighbourhood Plan, policies and supporting documents:

Carnforth Regulation 14 Neighbourhood Plan

Carnforth Regulation 14 Neighbourhood Plan (Low Res)

Carnforth Baseline Assessment

Carnforth Housing Needs Assessment

Carnforth Design Code

Carnforth Local Green Space Report

Carnforth Local List

Design Standards and Practices for Walking and Cycling in Carnforth

Frequently Asked Questions

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